Donate our Treats to Local Rescues and Animal Shelters

Wise Pets Fans, we are very happy and proud to introduce a new feature to our store. We have been involved for years with Animal Rescue and giving back to pets in need. One way we currently give is by donating our overflow/end of shelf life treats to local shelters and rescues. Now we are pleased to offer an option to help the public give easily as well. We have introduced a Donation option that will allow you to donate our all natural treats (at a reduced Rescue Rate) directly to a local rescue in need.

Our Featured Rescues are:
Dorchester Paws, Friends of Colleton County Animal Shelter, Berkeley Animal Center, Rescued in SC and Waters Edge Great Dane Rescue, Inc. You may also pick any local rescue you wish.

Thanks so much for helping these animals in need. Click here for more information!

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