About Us

Wise Pets is owned and operated by Jen Wise. Jen wears many hats as baker,  butcher, cook, inventor, marketer and pet services provider. She has a passion for animals and feeding them healthy food and treats. Her pack at home has changed since the business first opened, with 4 of our beloved furbabies passing away. We honor their memory by having them be the face of some of our rescue donation packages. Our current pack contains an eclectic mix of crazy spoiled rescue pets of all shapes, sizes and personalities. They are all family to us and a built in focus group for testing new recipes :)

When Jen first decided to start offering pet treats on the market she noticed that most treats in our area are vegetarian or vegan, which is suitable for some pets but not all. Because of this, Wise Pets treats come in many flavors, most including meat, which many pets crave. Pets such as dogs and pigs are omnivores and can eat anything on our menu, while pets like cats and ferrets need a more protein rich diet. People often ask do we make cat treats and we tell them most of our treats can be eaten by cats, but cats are finicky and have their own ideas on what is tasty. Our own cats rush to grab any treats that may fall from the pan, especially the ones containing chicken and salmon :) Please contact us for any questions and assistance you may need picking treats for your pets.

Our treats are available online from our website store we are also vendors at various events around the Lowcountry on select days. See our events calendar for the most up to date information. Thanks for your support!

This picture is from Wise Pet's first ever event, giving away free samples. How far we have come!