Wise Pets is now offering Pupcakes for your special Pups' celebrations or just for a special treat. Our Basic Pupcake Package includes 3 layers of cake, frosting and custom cake topper of your choice in a regular pastry box. We plan to offer upgraded options in the future to include premium ingredients, larger cakes, and/or special packaging such as a gift basket or ceramic food bowl. Visit our Pupcakes collection to view our current options. https://store.wisepets.us/collections/pupcakes

Pupcakes must be kept refrigerated and consumed within 1 week.

Pictured cake is our Berry Medley Pupcake containing Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, greek yogurt and whole wheat flour. The frosting is made from cream cheese and blueberries. All topped off with a sweet syrup made from honey and berries.