Premium Exotic Collection - Kangaroo

Premium Exotic Collection - Kangaroo

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Part of our new Premium Exotic Collection!

Kangaroo is delicious, nutritious and recommended by many veterinarians for pets with food or skin allergies. It is an extremely lean meat, containing only 1-2% fat, high in protein and low in cholesterol. Our Kangaroo treats feature Kangaroo, Carrots, White Potatoes, Kale and Black Beans. Suitable for all omnivore pets including dogs.

Available in Regular Sized Bags for $8 and Mini Bags for $5

Ingredients: Black Bean flour, Kangaroo, Kale, Carrots, White Potatoes, Eggs, Water, Vegetable Oil

Note: All of our treats contain zero preservatives and must be refrigerated to stay fresh. Please use or discard by the date listed on the bag.

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