Catcake - Salmon & Sweet Potato

Catcake - Salmon & Sweet Potato

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Fulfill your pet's craving for a sweet and savory treat with this Salmon and Sweet Potato blend.  This cake is tasty and a big hit with all sorts of pets including dogs, cats and pigs. The frosting is made from cream cheese and salmon, topped off with sweet potato drops. A Cat sized version of our Salmon & Sweet Potato Pupcake flavor.

2" Cake with 3 layers


Cake: salmon, sweet potato, honey, greek yogurt, whole wheat flour, egg

Frosting: cream cheese, salmon


- Catcakes are meant to be served as an occasional, special treat only. We do not recommend allowing one cat to eat the entire cake in one sitting.

- Catcakes are available via delivery only and require at least 48 hours notice before delivery date

- All of our products contain zero preservatives and must be refrigerated to stay fresh. Catcakes should be consumed or discarded within 1 week.