Pupcake - Beef Stew

Pupcake - Beef Stew

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The very definition of savory decadence, our Beef Stew Pupcake contains Lean Beef, green peas, carrots, greek yogurt and whole wheat flour. The frosting is made from cream cheese, lean beef and rendered beef fat, all topped off with beef jerky sprinkles.

6" Cake with 3 layers


Cake: Lean Beef, Green Peas, Carrots, Greek Yogurt, Whole wheat flour, Egg

Frosting: Cream Cheese, Lean Beef, Rendered Beef Fat 


- Pupcakes are meant to be served as an occasional, special treat only. We do not recommend allowing your dog to eat the entire cake in one sitting.

- Pupcakes are available via delivery only and require at least 48 hours notice before delivery date

- All of our products contain zero preservatives and must be refrigerated to stay fresh. Pupcakes should be consumed or discarded within 1 week.